Cypress Par3

Seven Par3 Courses Available on Cypress

These seven different course set-ups range from 1,157 – 2,232 yards in total. Each of the seven courses provides an opportunity for every golfer: male or female, adult or junior, novice or advanced. By looking at the scorecard you can find the holes which play at yardages you either are struggling with on the course or are working on with one of our instructors. The par three courses can be played much faster than a regulation nine holes and is a great way to either start or end your day; in fact, you could even squeeze a round in during your lunch break.

Additionally, the Par three course provides an opportunity for someone to practice shots they experience while playing golf and to do so on the course in real life situations. By choosing a longer course a player will be forced to hit drivers off the tee which will force them to have to get up-and-down. Stop by the professional shop for advice on how to utilize this par three course as a practice session.

Executive Short/Beginner Course
We have THREE Executive/Short/Beginner Courses available that are based on how far you hit your tee shot in yards: 100, 125 and 150 yards respectively. These three courses range from 1,353 – 1,669 yards with a par of 36 for each level. One of the reasons players leave the game of golf is because the courses are far too long and hard at the start or the end of your golf career; this nine provides us with an opportunity to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Junior US Kids Golf Course
Our Junior Golf Program continues to grow with well over one hundred kids actively participating in our various programs. We are one of only a handful of clubs in the southeast to offer a junior-golf-specific course which follows the yardage/par guidelines set forth by US Kids. Once your junior boy turns six years old and/or your junior girl turns seven years old we have a specific tee location which is an actual tee and not tee markers found in the fairway/rough. Our specific US Kids tees are for the following ages…

    • Boys 6 & Girls 7 1,184 yards Par 36
    • Boys 7 & Girls 8-9
         o Level 1  1,256 yards Par 36
         o Level 2 1,397 yards Par 36
    • Boys 8-9 & Girls 10-11 1,746 yards Par 36
    • Boys 10-11 & Girls 12-14
         o Level 1 2,096 yards Par 36
         o Level 2 2,620 yards Par 36
    • Boys 12-14
         o Level 1 2,663 yards Par 36
         o Level 2 3,008 yards Par 36

280 G 
6 280 G
5 136 (O) 
4 136 (O)
3 136 (O)
2 136 (O)
1 136 (O)
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